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Lab Safety Training

All University of Minnesota staff, faculty, and students that work in laboratories or research areas are required, by law, to receive training about related safety issues and practices (mandated by both the federal Laboratory Safety Standard and the Minnesota Right to Know Act). New Employee Safety Training is the combination of three online tutorials designed to provide new employees, faculty and students their required safety training.

To fulfill the New Employee Research Safety Training requirement using the online version of the training, a researcher must complete:

  1. Introduction to Research Safety
  2. Chemical Safety
  3. Chemical Waste Management
  4. Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals

After completing these four tutorials, a researcher will know the general safety practices and protocols needed to be safe and compliant in the laboratory or research field.

Researchers must also receive documented training from their PI or lab supervisor covering the hazards specific to the work they will be performing and orienting them to the facilities. See the Lab Specific Training checklist for potentially applicable topics.

Note: If a researcher works with any form of:

  • human blood;
  • human body fluids (such as spinal fluid, synovial fluid, vaginal fluid, sperm);
  • and/or infectious agents (such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, rickettsia)

he or she will also need to complete the online module: Preventing Employee Exposure to Bloodborne and Other Pathogens.