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Duties of a Departmental Research Safety Officer

The duties of a laboratory safety officer are to be determined and assigned by the department to which the employee reports. The range of duties will vary depending upon the needs of the particular department, including the hazardous materials used, the type of work being performed, and the availability of a safety committee to share in the safety officer's responsibilities. Following is a list of duties that may be assigned to a departmental laboratory safety officer.

  1. Serve as liaison between employing department and Department of Environmental Health and Safety.
  2. Modify University of Minnesota Generic Laboratory Safety Plan to fit department. Submit modification for approval. Perform annual review.
  3. Work with department administrators and employees to implement Laboratory Safety Plan.
  4. Consult with laboratory personnel regarding safety protocols for specific procedures.
  5. Arrange general departmental training sessions for laboratory employees. Keep training records.
  6. Carry out routine inspections of laboratories and report results to laboratory supervisors.
  7. Receive reports of malfunctioning equipment. Facilitate laboratory maintenance and repair activities.
  8. Assure that safety equipment is in place and is operative.
  9. Know the current legal requirements regarding regulated substances.