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Poisonous Gases

The gases on this list are either on the Department of Transportation's Category 1 list, or the Linde Specialty Gases company's Group 6 - Very Poisonous list. These chemicals are highly toxic gases at ambient temperature and pressure. They have an extremely high potential for causing significant harm if not adequately controlled.

Arsine Boron trichloride Chlorine pentafluoride
Chlorine trifluoride Cyanogen Cyanogen chloride
Diborane Dinitrogen tetroxide Fluorine
Germane Hydrogen selenide Nitric oxide
Nitrogen dioxide Nitrogen trioxide Nitrosyl chloride
Oxygen difluoride Phosgene Phosphine
Phosphorus pentafluoride Selenium hexafluoride Stibine
Sulfur tetrafluoride Tellurium Hexafluoride Tetraethyldithiopyrophosphate

Guidance: Departments may choose to add other chemicals to the above list. For example, sulfur-containing compounds such as mercaptans can cause significant odor problems when used in the laboratory. Pre-approval of the conditions under which they can be used may prevent odor complaints.