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Getting Started

  1. Ordering Radioactive Waste Containers

    Use the radioactive waste container request section at the bottom of the Radioactive Waste Collection Request Form. Indicate the number and the type of waste container you want delivered to your lab. If you are ordering liquid waste containers, there is a charge per container and it will be necessary to provide your EFS account number in the designated space on the order form. If there are any problems with containers delivered to your lab contact RPD at 625-1682. See Table IV to determine the type of waste containers needed.
  2. Ordering shields for P-32 solid waste containers

     Lucite shields are available for P-32 short half-life solid waste containers from RPD. Call RPD at 625-1682 to order a Lucite shield for your lab or if you have questions about shielding for other radioisotopes.
  3. Record keeping

    All users of radioactive materials are required to maintain complete and accurate radioactive waste inventory records.

    These records are audited by the RPD staff and by the NRC during their annual inspection of the University NRC license. The Permit Holder is responsible to train their personnel in these requirements. If you are missing any forms or manifests contact RPD at 625-1682 or you can down load forms from our home page.

    1. Radioactive Waste Inventory Form.
    2. Radioactive Waste Collection Request Form.
    3. Quarterly Report Form. See Appendix D, Radiation Protection Manual.
    4. Radioactive Material Decay Charts
    5. All forms available in MS Word & Excel to download
  4. Audits

    On an annual basis RPD Auditors perform audits of users of radioactive materials. Radioactive waste inventory records will be reviewed as part of the radioactive materials inventory of the permit. It is required that you keep your radioactive waste inventory records 3 years from the date of origination. This includes: Radioactive Waste Collection Request Forms and Radioactive Waste Inventory Forms.

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