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Environmental Health (Food, Water, & Housing)

The Environmental Health group in within the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) is the University group that is in charge of food safety, drinking water quality monitoring, and swimming pool safety and sanitation, public health aspects of housing, and oversight for general environmental sanitation issues, including pest and other nuisance control.  The Environmental Health group is supervised by the assistant director for Public and Occupational Health.


Food Safety
On campus food safety.The Environmental Health group has two sanitarians (health inspectors) that enforce food preparation and service standards to prevent contamination of foods served at University venues. Specific responsibilities include:


Drinking Water Quality Assurance
The Environmental Health group works with Facilities Management, and City and State water officials to help ensure safe drinking water on campus. Activities include:


Recreational Water Quality Assurance
Water quality assurance (recreational).The Environmental Health group oversees swimming pool sanitation and safety by:


Public Health Housing
The Environmental Health group works with Housing and Residential Life, and the University Building Codes Office to help ensure that University-owned residences meet basic requirements for hygiene and safety. This is accomplished through:


The Environmental Health group provides consulting and oversight; and works with Facilities Management, and the University pest control contractors to prevent and/or control public health nuisances on campus. Specific activities include:

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