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Water Event Task Force

University of Minnesota Water Event Task Force Update January 2011

UMTC Water Damage Prevention Work Team Recommendations

University of Minnesota Water Event Task Force Recommendations February 2007

The Water Event Task Force was established to review and update recommendations intended to reduce loss due to water events. The Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and the Director of University Health and Safety have charged the work team with the following tasks:

  1. Identify areas, materials and activities susceptible to water intrusion events.
  2. Discuss past flooding events identifying causes, actions taken and ways of improving response and reducing future losses.
  3. Review existing internal and external guidelines and policies for water remediation and flood prevention.
  4. Assess the effectiveness of these guidelines and policies by comparing them to past water events.
  5. Suggest revisions to the guidelines and policies intended to further prevent or reduce losses caused by water events. This may include changing standard operating procedures, construction practices, and training.
  6. Develop measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of the revisions to flood response.
  7. Identify areas of highest risk for flood events and cost effective options to reduce the risk. The options may include mitigation, redesign, or changes in SOPs and maintenance procedures.

Water Event Task force members who were chartered last year includes the following individuals. Sophia Anema, Institutional Compliance; Michael Buck, Neil Carlson, and James Lauer, DEHS; Ginger DeRosier, Real Estate; Katherine Lamkin, Paul Drews, Ruthann Manlet, Dana Staehnke FM; Harvey Turner, CPPM; Becky Hintz, University Services; Dale Dorschner, Kathy Norlien, Dan Tranter - Minnesota Department of Health; Tim Froehlig, Institute for Environmental Assessment.


Cover letter - wetforcecover.pdf
Recommendations - wetforcerecommendations.pdf


Below grade air handling units - Williamson_Hall.pdf
Frozen pipes in stairwell - stairwell_fan.pdf
Infrared images identifying areas of water damage - Infrared_photos.pdf
Raised floor water damage - Walter_Library.pdf
Roof leak damage - roofing_water_damage.pdf
Roof leaks due to poor construction scheduling - Crookston_sheetrock.pdf
Sub slab ventilation systems - Sub_slab_ventilation.pdf
Vinyl wallpaper on building exteriors - vinylwallpaper.pdf
Water downspout design considerations - Downspout2.pdf


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