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Smoke-Free Indoor Air Policy

University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus


Smoking is prohibited in all facilities of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus with the exception of designated private residence rooms within residence halls.



The burning of any type of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other smoking equipment, whether filled with tobacco or any other substance or material.


Any enclosed area of a structure, or portion thereof when such structure is owned and/or being occupied or operated, by the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. This is inclusive of University owned and/or operated vehicles and outdoor group seating facilities.

Residence Hall

Any structure designated by the University as a residence hall or dormitory. The smoke-free indoor air policy shall apply to all areas within residence hall except designated private resident rooms. Other University owned/operated private residences will be exempt from the policy.


This policy becomes effective at 12:00 midnight on August 2, 1993. It will remain in effect unless rescinded or modified by the Office of the Provost, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus. No Smoking signs will be placed on building entrances. The policy is in effect even if signage is not in place by the effective date of implementation.


It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff, students, scholars and visitors to observe this smoking policy and to monitor adherence to it. Complaints, concerns or requests for clarification and advice regarding this policy may be referred to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, University of Minnesota Twin Cities. A Smoking Policy Review Committee for the Twin Cities campus shall be appointed for a two year term beginning August 15, 1993. This committee will be appointed by the Provost and will provide on going evaluation and direction regarding the policy, and review complaints, concerns or requests for clarification of the policy.

Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, 232 Morrill Hall, Minneapolis MN 55455.

July 15, 1993