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Wipe Fungal Sampling

  1. Dip sterile swab in sterile water if the surface is dry. Skip this step if the surface is wet.
  2. Wipe on defined area of surface (1 square inch)
  3. Wipe the swab on the surface of the culture plate while rotating the swab in the opposite direction. Use a the same standard pattern for each location. Consider using a '$' because if it shows up on the plate, time and money will be needed to clean or remove the material sampled.
  4. Tape the plate shut. Mark the bottom of the plate with identification information. Place in a small zipper lock bag with the bottom of the agar plate facing up.
  5. Prepare control samples by placing an unused plate and a plate wiped with a swab dipped the sterile water in a small zipper lock bag.
  6. Place all of these bags into a larger zipper lock bag and incubate at room temperature (68 - 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 - 25 degrees Celsius).