Building & Room Number:_______________ Date of Audit:______________________
Lab Supervisor:________________________
1. Safety Equipment Working Accessible Last checked
a. fume hoods _________________ _________________ _________________
b. biological hoods _________________ _________________ _________________
c. eye washes _________________ _________________ _________________
d. showers _________________ _________________ _________________
e. fire extinguisher(s) A B C D _________________ _________________
2. House-keeping Y N
a. food, beverages and appliances absent from the laboratory? _____ _____
b. food absent from chemical refrigerators and vice versa? _____ _____
c. bench tops clean and unobstructed?__________
d. emergency numbers posted by telephone?__________
e. laboratory doors closed?__________
f. floors, aisles and exits unobstructed?__________
g outside hallways uncluttered?__________
3. Chemical Storage Y N
a. all containers appropriately labeled?__________
b. no flammables in unapproved refrigerators?__________
c. liquid chemicals equipped with secondary containment?__________
d. flammable liquids within allowable quantities?__________
e. chemicals stored appropriately (incompatibles separated)?__________
f. gas cylinders secured and stored appropriately?__________
g. empty and full cylinders separated?__________
4. Waste Management Y N
a. chemical wastes tightly capped?__________
b. incompatible chemicals separated?__________
c. liquid chemicals equipped with secondary containment?__________
d. chemical wastes labeled appropriately?__________
e. weekly chemical waste inspections documented (where required)?__________
f. sharps disposed in proper containers?__________
g. special bags used for autoclaving waste?__________
h. red waste bags used for infectious waste?__________
4. Waste Management (cont.) Y N
i. broken glass disposed in labeled container?__________
j. radioactive materials disposed in approved containers?__________
5. Mechanical Equipment Y N
a. guards in place (fans, centrifuges, drive belts)?__________
b. belts/pulleys in good condition? __________
6. Electrical Equipment Y N
a. grounded?__________
b. fitted with overload protection device?__________
c. outlets located outside of hoods?__________
d. motors intrinsically safe (where appropriate)?__________
e. cords in good condition?__________
f. current carrying parts not exposed?__________
g. GFIs on outlets within 6 feet of a sink?__________
7. Paper Work Y N
a. training records available?__________
b. training records current?__________
c. training records complete (for all employees)?__________
d. Incident Report forms available (for work-related illnesses and injuries)?__________
e. MSDSs accessible?__________
f. Chemical Hygiene Plan accessible?__________
g. written laboratory-specific SOPs available?__________
h. staff knows the laboratory safety officer?__________
i. Hazardous Chemical Waste Management Guidebook accessible?__________
j. Radiation Protection Manual accessible?__________