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Battery/Lamps/Electronic Waste Disposal

Battery Disposal

Alkaline and carbon zinc batteries are not regulated and may be disposed of in the trash (Figure 1). UHS does not currently have an affordable recycling option for alkaline batteries.

TCEM: University of Minnesota’s Chemical Waste Facility
Figure 1

All other forms of batteries are regulated and must be sent to UHS for recycle. The most common batteries collected for recycle include:

Regulated batteries can be collected in battery collection buckets and submitted to UHS for recycle. Contact UHS (612-626-1604) to receive a battery collection bucket as shown in Figure 2.

TCEM: University of Minnesota’s Chemical Waste Facility
Figure 2

Lamp Disposal

Fluorescent, high intensity discharge (HID), and UV germicidal lamps are considered a universal waste (a form of hazardous waste) and must be collected intact for proper disposal or recycling. The U of M recycles these lamps to provide raw materials for new products and, most importantly, to prevent mercury from contaminating the environment. Therefore, these types of lamps must be collected in containers that protect the lamps from breaking during collection and transportation. The original shipping container is the preferred collection package for spent lamps. UHS also has boxes available for packaging standard 4 foot and 8 foot length fluorescent lamps. Shorter lamps can be packaged with the 4 and 8 footers, if packed as to prevent movement. Otherwise any sturdy box will do for small lamps, mercury vapor lamps and other odd shaped fluorescent tubes. In the case of smaller bulbs, additional packing materials may need to be added to prevent breakage. Properly mark the box with the words "Universal Waste – Lamps for Recycle".

Once the box is full, properly packaged and sealed, you should arrange for collection by contacting the Facilities Management zone office for your area for collection. If you generate a large number of lamps or are located at an off-campus Twin Cities location, call the UHS at (612) 626-1604 to arrange for collection.

Electronic Waste Disposal

All electronic waste (e-waste) generated at the University of Minnesota must be collected for recycle. E-waste can include items such as:

The University of Minnesota Office Of Information Technology has procedures in place to dispose of e-waste, which can be found at:

If you have questions please contact UHS at 612-626-1604 or