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Workstation Discomfort Symptoms and Solutions

This graphic illustrates the proper way to set up your workstation. If you are experiencing discomfort while at work, such as back pain or eye strain, click on a number in the graphic to match your symptoms with our solutions.

E-mail Kate Greenberg or Neil Carlson if you would like an on-site evaluation to improve your current workstation setup.

Discomfort Area: Legs

Risk Factors How to Decrease Risks
Chair seat is too big; individual has to sit forward or cross legs to relieve discomfort
  • Purchase chair with adjustable, sliding seat pan
  • Purchase chair with smaller seat pan
  • Use foot rest to alleviate pressure on the back of the leg
  • Short term: use lumbar support to shorten seat
Chair seat too small; poor weight distribution
  • Adjust seat pan
  • Purchase chair with longer seat
Pain in buttocks - knees higher than hips (usually problem for tall people)
  • Raise chair height
  • Raise height of keyboard
Pain in calf or back of thigh below knee
  • Install foot rest
  • Install keyboard drawer (attempt to get thigh angle parallel to floor
  • Use chair with shorter seat pan.
Top of leg hurts, can't cross legs Table top too thick; purchase a thinner table