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Workstation Discomfort Symptoms and Solutions

This graphic illustrates the proper way to set up your workstation. If you are experiencing discomfort while at work, such as back pain or eye strain, click on a number in the graphic to match your symptoms with our solutions.

E-mail Kate Greenberg or Neil Carlson if you would like an on-site evaluation to improve your current workstation setup.

Discomfort Area: Eyes

Risk Factors How to Decrease Risks
Monitor tilted too far away Change monitor position
Direct light in eyes Reduce light, use glare screen or change monitor position
Low relative humidity and dry eyes
  • Wear glasses instead of contacts
  • Close eyes, cover eyes with hands and relax eyes
Eyeglass prescription too weak or too strong Change eyeglass prescription
Monitor too high (example)
  • Lower monitor
  • Keep neck straight
  • Purchase adjustable height monitor
Monitor off to side (example) Center monitor