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Workstation Ergonomics Checklist

This picture contains a checklist of areas to consider when setting up your workstation. Click on the numbers to learn more about each piece of office equipment and how to use it properly.

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Watch head position when person looks at text on word processing program. Should be looking straight ahead, not at an angle or tipped back.
Risk Factors How to Decrease Risks
Monitor sitting up on CPU, causing head to tilt back. If individual does not have bifocals or trifocals place monitor so that top of the screen is at eye level.
Neck tilted back while reading text on monitor. Monitor too high - lower monitor or get gradual bifocals, flip focals or computer glasses.
Monitor won't tilt Move monitor side to side then push down or up
Monitor too high when placed flat on desk. Remove tilt mechanism and prop front of monitor with 1 inch high support.
Monitor off to side or documents on table or off to side and person complains of neck discomfort. If document is viewed more frequently than the monitor, place the document directly in front.
Monitor not centered over keyboard Center monitor over letter keys on keyboard.
Monitor too far away. Move monitor closer at arms length.
Fabric mesh glare screen - the letters of the text are distorted. Use a glare screen that does not distort the viewing of the letters.
Strong overhead glare on the screen. Place a cover over the monitor to prevent light on the screen.
Strong light from glaring directly on the screen. Sometimes a glare screen will not work; reposition the monitor or shield the light source.