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Workstation Ergonomics Checklist

This picture contains a checklist of areas to consider when setting up your workstation. Click on the numbers to learn more about each piece of office equipment and how to use it properly.

E-mail Kate Greenberg or Neil Carlson if you would like an on-site evaluation to improve your current workstation setup.

Keyboard, Wrist Rest, Keyboard Drawer

The keyboard keys should not stick and the keyboard should be at elbow height. The wrist rest should support the palm and allow the person to type with the wrist in a neutral position. Individuals who were taught to type or play piano may not need or want a wrist rest.
Risk Factors How to Decrease Risks
Keys stick on keyboard Fix keyboard or purchase a new one
Keyboard too high Several alternative keyboards available and individual preferences vary widely
Keyboard too low Raise chair, install keyboard drawer, lower desk
Wrist rest is too low Use different wrist rest
Gel in wrist rest is distorted Fix gel in wrist rest
Wrist rest is too long pushing keyboard too far away Remove wrist rest and use chair arms for support
Only holds keyboard Replace with wider platform to accommodate mouse. Consider Roller mouse in a tight space.
Fixed height OK if comfortable; adjustable height with optional tilt is best.