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Office Ergonomics Quiz

How much do you know about office ergonomics? Try these 10 questions and find out. Sorry, the quiz only works with Web browsers like Firefox 1.0.7 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher).

1.  How should the mouse be positioned with respect to the keyboard?
On the desk above the keyboard.
On the wrist rest.
Near the keyboard at the same height or slightly above the keyboard.
As close to the monitor as possible.

2.  How should the monitor be placed if the lower lens of a bifocal is used to view the screen?
30 inches away with the top of the screen at eye level.
20 inches away with the middle of the screen at eye level.
20 inches away or less with the top of the screen about 30 degrees down from eye level.

3.  If you are injured on the job, what should you do?
Request and complete an incident report form from your supervisor.
Fill out BA Form 725A - employee right to know training form.
Request a leave of absence.

4.   True or false: The keyboard should be approximately at your elbow height when seated?

5.  The chair should be adjusted to at least provide support to what part of the back?
The shoulder blades.
The lumbar region.
The middle of the back.

6.  True or false: People who work in offices don't have to worry about workplace health and safety?

7.  Which of the following activities involve repetitive motion?
Typing on a keyboard.
Scanning library books.
Using a mouse to draw pictures.
All of the above.

8.  True or false: Your boss is required by law to train you if you are exposed or likely to be exposed to a hazardous substance?

9.  True or false: If no pain is noticed while doing repetitive task than you do not have to worry about cumulative trauma?

10.  If you have a question about health and safety at work, you can talk to:
Your health and safety representative
Your supervisor
A member of the workplace joint health and safety committee
A union representative
A health and safety professional
Any of the above

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