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Office Ergonomics Guide

Highly repetitive motions associated with keyboard use can lead to disabling injuries if the workstation is not appropriately adjusted for the employee. As a result, AFSCME, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, U Return, Purchasing, and Risk Management & Insurance are working together to reduce the likelihood of such injury among University of Minnesota employees.

Considerable progress has been made in modifying workstations in several departments to provide the appropriate setting for employees who spend much of their work day at the keyboard. The goal of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety is to help departments to evaluate and modify their physical work locations. The Department of Risk Management & Insurance has been able to provide some financial assistance to departments to share the cost of acquiring new equipment when it is necessary.

Free Workstation Self Assessment and Evaluation

Complete the office ergonomics "self assessment tool" to self correct ergonomic problems.

The self assessment tool contains contact information if additional assistance is needed to properly set up a workstation. Allow 4 weeks to schedule an evaluation. Access to this site requires a University of Minnesota x.500 ID and Password. Upon completion of this assessment, University employees will have a record of its completion placed into their PeopleSoft Training Records. People outside the University may complete the assessment using the "assessment tool PDF". A personal evaluation is required for sit-stand workstation as this is not covered in the training.

University staff are available to provide training sessions for employees and are particularly interested in offering training supervisors who have day-to-day responsibility for potentially affected employees. Call 612- 626-6002 to set up training.