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Office Ergonomics

Free Workstation Self Assessment and Evaluation

Complete the "Office Ergonomics Assessment" to self correct ergonomic problems. The self assessment tool contains contact information if additional assistance is needed to properly set up a workstation. Allow 4 weeks to schedule an evaluation. Access to this site requires a University of Minnesota x.500 ID and Password. Upon completion of this assessment, University employees will have a record of its completion placed into their ULearn Training Records. For people outside the University, please contact DEHS at or call (612) 626-6002 to request a temporary ID and Password. A personal evaluation is required for sit-stand workstation as this is not covered in the training.

To Purchase Chairs and Other Equipment

University of Minnesota discounts are available through the vendors featured on this site. Please contact vendors directly to purchase chairs or any of the other products listed; you'll find their contact information under each product description.

View Chairs and Workstations

The ergonomic showroom is now open in the basement of Boynton Health Service in Room W-37. The showroom hours are Thursdays from 10:00 am - noon with staff available to offer individual ergonomic assistance. Please call 612-626-6002 for an appointment at other times.

(See Product Database for product information)

Injury/Illness While at Work

Request an incident report from your supervisor.

For further information visit the Workers Compensation Policy page at

Injury/Illness Not Related to Work
Call Disability Services at (612) 626-1333 for students and (612) 624-3316 for employees.

Employee Assistance Program
Civil service & bargaining unit staff, call (612) 626-0253. Faculty and Academic Staff Assistance Program, call (612) 625-4073.


Training for employees or supervisors on office ergonomics is available free of charge. Handouts and video tapes are available. Contact DEHS at (612) 626-6002 for further assistance.

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