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Guidance for purchasing a safe to store controlled substances

When using a small safe to store controlled substances, the safe must be bolted to an immovable object.

A safe with a digital electronic lock whose code can be re-set as laboratory staff changes is recommended. This also avoids the issue of key control. It is also necessary to have a separate safe for each Location Registrant.

Most electronic safes have an override key which should only be used in case of emergency if the battery runs down. Replace the battery immediately and secure the override key where only one or two Authorized Users have access to it.

Before purchasing a safe be sure that you pay attention to the safe dimensions as it relates to the amount of controlled substances you will store and the amount of space you have for installation. Be aware of how the door opens in relation to the installation site.

Many of the safes purchased to store controlled substances are small hand gun safes.

The Gary personal safe - model HS1207, available through Corporate Express - is no longer recommended.

The following websites and prices were available in July 2012:

Safe Suggestions Model and Approx. Cost
Stack-On Electronic Safe WX2-121394, $59.97
RoadPro LCD Electronic Digital Safe WX2-88786, $89.97

ADG brand safes are available in several sizes and styles in the price range of $59.99 to $79.99.

Some University researchers have purchased safes from, such as the Honeywell Digital Safe (HW-2050, $99.00).