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Controlled Substances in Research

   When using controlled substances in research and teaching activities, all University of Minnesota employees must comply with federal and state regulations, as well as institutional guidelines. This page offers a collection of important documents and links related to controlled substances compliance.

Contact DEHS ( with further questions about controlled substances.


Federal regulations govern the use of controlled substances in research and teaching activities. The following documents provide guidance on obtaining necessary registrations. Changes in unit registrants, lab additions, or closures in the unit must be reported to DEHS.

Applying online for DEA registration

Changing DEA research registrant

Closing a lab with controlled substances

New to using controlled substances for research

Mandatory DEA-related questionnaire

Unit responsibilities

Purchasing controlled substances

The use of centralized purchasing of controlled substances is highly recommended. On the Minneapolis campus, Boynton Pharmacy obtains, and often stocks, the controlled substances commonly used in animal research. In St. Paul, the Veterinary Medical Center pharmacy can supply most controlled drugs.

Ordering Controlled Substance from Boynton Pharmacy

Purchasing requirements for VMC pharmacy

Using DEA form 222 to order controlled substances

Power of attorney form

Using DEA power of attorney form


The U of M policy Using Controlled Substances for Research requires researchers to store controlled substances in a safe. Small safes must be bolted to an immovable object.

Guidance for purchasing a safe to store controlled substances

Inventory and Records

The following forms and records have been created to meet record-keeping requirements of using controlled substances in research. They contain the required elements within federal, state and institutional regulations.

Authorized users signature log

Controlled substances disposal form

Combined drug disposition record

Research controlled substances inventory

Research controlled substances disposition record

Single drug disposition record

Loss and Theft

Researchers may need to complete and submit the following three DEA forms when using controlled substances.

Instruction document: reporting theft and loss on DEA form 106

When to use form 106

Instruction document: reporting accidental loss on DEA form 41

Standard Operating Procedure

The U of M Controlled Substances SOP defines the person who is responsible for each of the activities related to using controlled substances for research.

SOP: using controlled substances for research

University Policies and Procedures

Using controlled substances for research (policy)

Purchasing, receiving and storing controlled substances (procedure)

Using and disposing of controlled substances (procedure)

Have you taken the tutorial?

Employees who work with controlled substances for research are strongly encouraged to complete the online tutorial: Using Controlled Substances for Research

The tutorial provides an introduction to federal and state regulations, as well as University of Minnesota policy and procedures about the use of controlled substances for research. After taking the tutorial, the record will be posted in the employee’s online training record.

Take the tutorial

Quick links

Disposal of expired, excess and unwanted controlled substances