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Needlestick and Other Infectious Exposure Procedures

If you or one of your employees is exposed to bloodborne or other infectious pathogens, by a needle-stick or other exposure, it is necessary to seek medical attention within 1-2 hours so that treatment is instituted within a timeframe that increases effectiveness.

Types of Hazardous Exposures

Hazardous exposures include:

Emergency Procedure

Note: It is importantto fill out all of the appropriate documents to be eligible to collect workers compensation should any complications from the hazardous exposure arise in the future.

Additonal Information

There is no cost to the employee for medical services provided in these incidents

HealthPartners Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinics and Urgent Care, and the Emergency Room at Fairview University Medical Center (if the exposure occurs after hours) stock the drugs currently recommended for treatment within 1-2 hours of accidental exposures to HIV.