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Biological Material Storage

All samples must be claimed as the property of a current University of Minnesota researcher, student, or other responsible party. Every item must be labeled or coded by some reasonable method. Researchers should be able to explain their coding system and identify all samples.

All hazardous material must be labeled as such; including biohazard, radioactivity, chemical, or a combination of the above. All storage units housing Risk Group 2 organisms or biological toxins should display a biohazard sticker or sign. A biohazard sign can be printed in color from this site.

Refrigerators/freezers should be cleaned and defrosted on a regular basis. Frost build-up forces compressors to work harder and break down more frequently. Clean-outs provide an opportunity to update inventories and dispose of material that is outdated or no longer needed. See Disposal or Transfer of Infectious Agents, Biologically-derived Toxins, and Lab Close-outs.