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Frequently Asked Questions - Controlled Substances

  1. Does my department need Right to Know Training?

    It may, depending on what physical hazards or what biological hazards your staff is exposed to.

  2. How do I do a Hazard Assessment?

    There are many ways to do this. First hand observation, ask your staff members, evaluate the accident and incident statistics for your unit. You may also request assistance from DEHS

  3. How often must I do training?

    ERTK requires initial training before staff is exposed to hazards. Refresher training is required annually. In any case if a staff member is observed working in an unsafe condition or not following established operating procedures, they must be retrained.

  4. What does the ERTKA program intend to do and what my program need to included?

    1. Provide protection for staff members by providing information and training on how to best protect themselves against workplace hazards.
    2. A written program must be available to everyone that works in the department.
    3. Responsibility assignments for all staff members within the department.
    4. Hazardous chemical inventory
    5. Labeling requirments
    6. Physical hazards assessment, noise, ionizing and non ionizing radiation, heat and cold.
    7. Infectious agents
    8. Method of communicating hazards to staff-msds

  5. What about keeping records?

    You must keep a record of training. The training record should include the name of the person, their position and department. Also include a summary or outline of the materials covered.

  6. Can I just use a video off the web or buy a video for training?

    Yes you can, but you must supplement it with site or workplace related information. Video alone won't do it.