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Frequently Asked Questions - Ergonomics

  1. How do I process my ergonomic rebate?

    Send the following to DEHS Ergonomic Specialist at W-140 BHS or fax to 612-624-1949: copy of paid invoice, ergonomic assessment, disability letter (when applicable), and a note stating which University account should be reimbursed.

  2. How do I schedule an ergonomic evaluation?

    Call campus DEHS office at 612-626-6002 in Twin Cities
    UMM Call campus DEHS office at 320-589-6106

  3. Where is the ergonomic showroom and what are its hours?

    In Twin Cities - 10 am to noon Thursday W-162 Boynton Health Service or by appointment (612) 626- 6002.

  4. Are ergonomic evaluations free?

    Yes. There is no charge to the department.

  5. I am worried about Electrical fields from my computer how can I have them checked.

    Contact your campus health and safety. In the Twin cites call (612) 626-6002 and ask for Radiation protection.